Natural AIDS Treatments

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Generic Aids DrugsAIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is an ailment that results in the weakening of the immune system. When a person becomes infected by the HIV virus, their body develops antibodies to fight the infection.

It is here that one is described as being HIV positive, diagnosed by the presence of HIV antibodies. There is a difference between HIV and AIDs. HIV becomes AIDs when the virus severely damages an individual’s immune system. Some people live with HIV for years without ever getting AIDs.

+Natural AIDs treatments

There is no known cure for Aids. However, there are a variety of drugs on the market that will inhibit the progress of the HIV virus even while slowing down the damage it might be inflicting upon the immune system.

It is common for HIV positive patients to buy HIV medication online and the compliment them with natural and alternative treatments, the idea being to not only combat the progress of HIV but to improve one’s health and overall wellbeing.

The reactions to alternative forms of treating HIV from the medical community will vary depending on the treatment, some approaches enjoying more support than others, some of those more popular Natural AIDs treatments including the following:

Please remember that we neither endorse nor recommend any particular treatment . This article is for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician or medical professional before taking any particular treatment.

-Body Therapy

Body therapies like yoga and massages have been known to control pain. They will also bring about an improvement in overall health. Some patients also favor acupuncture because of the impact it can have on nausea.


AIDs patients struggling with a loss of appetite, probably as a result of antiviral medications (which can upset the stomach, making it harder to keep food down) should find some relief with medical marijuana, which will not only control nausea but improve one’s appetite. Even though Marijuana doesn’t typically interfere with other medications, one is encouraged to consult their doctor before using it to treat their symptoms.


Doctors often caution their patients to approach supplements with care. Their benefits, however, are difficult to deny. Calcium and Vitamin D, for example, will improve bone health while Vitamin B-12 has been known to maintain the health of pregnant women.

-Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan is a powerful immune enhancing substance, probably the most powerful immune enhancing substance. In fact, it is more effective than interferon. While some doctors will caution patients about the use of Beta Glucan, its capabilities and benefits make the risk worthwhile.

-Tulsi Tea

If you have a preference for ginseng tea because of the benefits it brings to the table, then you will most likely appreciate Tulsi tea, an even more powerful adaptogen than gingseng tea and which can efficiently moderate the body’s immune system.

-Essential Oil

Essential oils should be part of every AIDs patient’s diet. Essential oils boast a number of very beneficial properties. They are not only antibacterial but antifungal and even anti-parasitic. Along with their anti-inflammatory properties, they will also stimulate the immune system even while availing the body with bouts of energy.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding alternative routes to treating AIDs; however, the numerous positive testimonies littering the internet about the efficacy of natural remedies suggest that they probably have more to offer than some people presume.

Advantages of HVAC Repair

If you own an HVAC system, then you should know that your half-life is 10 or a few years longer than that. It will mainly depend on its use and the way you take care of it. However, if you need to ensure a better life expectancy for your unit, then you can look for an HVAC repair specialist for regular maintenance of your HVAC. Through routine inspections and services, the professional can help you maintain a perfect condition of your unit.
Hiring a professional for regular service should be considered as an investment you are making to improve the life expectancy of your unit as well as to increase the life expectancy of the unit. By hiring heating repair service, HVAC repair at the right time, you will avoid major problems that can cause a failure to drive and may require a considerable sum of money for expensive repair. If a problem is identified and fixed at its earliest stage, then inevitably it will not require a huge amount that will be needed once the issue has become severe.

The main reason for hiring professionals for repair and service is to let them inspect the unit for energy efficiency. Over time, your system will deteriorate, and your energy efficiency could be disrupted. With the professional team and the qualifications they have, the experts will examine your unit for its energy efficiency. If your system is no longer an energy efficient unit, then you should add a lot to your monthly bill that is not what you want.
Hence, hiring professionals for conventional refrigeration and heat repair service, HVAC repair will be beneficial considering the long-term results. There will be so many professionals and companies in the market that you will always be willing to do the work for you. You just have to take some time in research for the best and let them do the job to get the best results.

Why Use The Professional HVAC Repair Expert

The Hvac professionals often say that the best time to service and check your air conditioners is actually the pre season so that you can enjoy them when you most need them-in the scorching heat. Apart from this, regular maintenance and service of your air conditioning systems might also prevent you from getting into unnecessary expenses of an HVAC repair . A routine checkup and service of the appliances is always an intelligent way of reducing unnecessary expenses on their repairs, increasing their efficiency and finally decreasing their cost of operation. However, while you think of having the HVAC repair, it is important for you to use the expert specialist.Thus, the following are some reasons why use the professional HVAC repair expert

Incredible Knowledge and Expertise; Generally, the HVAC companies have a well qualified and also trained team that is fully certified to do the job, thus the customers can expect efficient, reliable and also timely services whether it is a simple installation or a complete HVAC repair. The knowledge and experience of such professionals helps in dealing with any problem successfully.

24X7 Support; One of the major reason to use the expert is due because they provide their services around the clock, However, while choose the HVAC repair service it is important to consider the expert who are promise round the clock support and also service to the clients. Thus, when the air conditioning unit need repair or either when it conks off in the middle of the night, you dont need to worry. You just need to contact the expert and expect reliable aid within the shortest time.


Quick and Emergency Installations; The expert does not only offer HVAC repair service that you need assistance,you can also call them for any easy installation. If one has an emergency installation to make, the expert specialist is always ready with all necessary equipment in order to help you with any installation.

Dealing with Popular Brands; The qualified technicians of HVAC repair service are well aware regarding the latest technology and the most popular brands. When you decide to install an air conditioner from one of the popular brands in the market, you will not have to worry about facing quality issues with the team.

They offer Free Consultations and also Discounted Offers; If you are new to the world of air conditioners and are not sure about the right model, brand or size you must choose for your home or office, you can still count on the service of these HVAC repair service that will guide you with their decades of experience and specialization in the field. Apart from the free consultation, there are special offers for both the old and new customers from time to time that make these services more affordable to them.

The above are some reasons why to use thewhy use the professional HVAC repair expert.

Diamond jewelry


When someone purchases a diamond jewerly he/she want it to last as long as it possibly can. You want to maintain the shine and brilliance as when you first purchased or received it. There are certain times you might want to take off the jewelry so it remains clean, sparkling, and free of any chips.

Emeralds are absolutely beautiful and many people who have diamond jewelry with emeralds love to wear it as much as possible. One thing to consider is that emeralds don’t work well in the extreme cold conditions or the extreme heat. This means that in the cold winter months you need to take off your ring and put it in the jewelry box. When you are using hot water or out in the heat your emeralds should not be exposed. This is because emeralds can crack and become damaged when they are exposed to the wrong conditions. Improper conditions may also cause them to fall out. Check them at online diamond stores.

If you are doing rough work such as working on a car, computers, or you are doing something technical with your hands you shouldn’t wear your diamond jewelry. Take it off and put it in your pocket before you begin working or leave your jewelry at home. Although diamonds are very strong and durable, one big blow can chip a diamond and it would be devastating for something like this to happen. The last thing you want to happen is to have a chipped diamond because you will have to purchase another one or have the stone recut. This will make the stone much smaller when they are finished.

Another consideration is wearing diamond jewelry while you are working around the house doing household chores. There are many solutions like bleach that can change the coloration or fade the brilliance of a diamond. You might loosen the prongs if the jewelry gets caught up on something also. Any type of vigorous activity can cause the gemstones to loosen and possibly fall out. It is very common for stones to come loose on a regular basis if you wear a ring on a daily basis and you never take it off. If this is the case you might want to be sure it is inspected too.

If you are someone who wears your diamond jewelry all of the time and you never take it off you should consider having it inspected on a regular basis. This way if any of the diamonds have become a little loose the jeweler can tighten them up for you. The last thing you would ever want to happen is to lose a stone on your favorite jewelry. It is common for some people to have to replace their stones on a regular basis. The problem is that this can get quite expensive to continuously replace stones. By taking proper care of your ring and stones you will be able to improve the longevity of your ring or diamond.

If you have diamond jewelry be sure you take good care of it. Even though you want to wear it all of the time and never take it off you want to take very good care of it to ensure the longevity. Don’t wear your jewelry when you are working hard with your hands, working with solutions and bleaches and in any instance where you could knock out a stone.

Install bath tub DIY fitting


Mentioned are some good alternatives which you can look at. Still, one good option to pick on is the walk in bath tubs. Here are some of the reasons why walk in bath tub DIY fitting should be among your considerations:

Helps in increasing resale value. You will surely feel that you would stay in the house until your last breath. But you should know that things will not work as you have though about it to be. Hence you should always be prepared to sell your home.

You should not get whatever you think you are interested in or cheapest appliance out there. But it is suggested that you may up investment into fixtures which would be functional but will also be appreciated by others. A lot of people will appreciate having the alternative of walk in bathtubs. Most of the home buyers would be attracted to these tubs that those traditional bathing options.

Before these walk in bath tubs were only reminders of senior citizens, but now it is not just it. These tubs are now fast gaining popularity because there are too many people these days that are turning to opt for the European style of architecture and home decor. Europeans are known to have short tubs which do not allow you to lay flat but can give you the opportunity to sit and have a bath. Though showers are the typical fixtures used by people the value for a sitting bath has increased. Rather than standing you can relax and take the pleasure of bath similar to that of the shower.


People usually use a bath to soak and relax. Walk in bath tub have become more popular for routine hygiene. You can spray yourself down like you would in the shower however you have more control of the sprayer and enjoy the comfort of the seat. It is one good option opted by all these days apart from the seniors.

Another aspect of buying a walk in bathtub is that they are very easy to clean. The ones made available these days are made up of non-porous materials which help make sure that there is no mildew or any bacteria collected. You will not have to bend to clean and scrub the sides of the tub. You can clean the tub easily at any time as everything is simple to reach. If you want to get these walk in bathtubs installed then the best to do is look for the right contractor to get the tub properly installed.

Benefits of bath tub DIY fitting

Variety in color – There are now bath tub that comes in a wide array of colors. Thus, you won’t have a problem matching your “new” tub with the rest of your bathroom interiors.

Sturdy material – As mentioned earlier, bath tub are not susceptible to many types of wear and tear such as rusting, cracking and peeling.

– Cleans Easy – Bath tub designed to mimic both the feel and look of a new bath tub. It is smooth and glossy, thus making it easy to clean. With a bath tub, you also won’t need grout for your bath tub, so it makes cleaning easier.

– Affordable – Installing a bath tub is so much cheaper than having your whole bathtub replaced.

– Fast and Easy – Replacing your entire bath tub could mean replacing tiles, plumbing and even other fixtures in your bathroom such as toilets and sinks if it becomes necessary. You can just imagine what an inconvenience this will be in your household. First, your bathroom will be a mess. Secondly, you won’t be able to use a bath tub for several days or even weeks.

– Tailored to Fit – There are now several molds sold in the market that can fit perfectly into almost any bath tub model available.

Easy Steps To Earn Money With Podcasting

podcastingPodcasts are growing in popularity as a means to receive information. The user can select which podcasts he or she will receive and can then listen to them anywhere and anytime. Podcasts provide a convenience that other means of communication are not able to offer. People today appreciate being able to learn new and valuable information without spending much money or having to adjust their already busy schedules.

It is becoming increasingly vital to use new technologies if you want to retain your credibility and remain as a major player in your niche. Last year, thousands of websites started to use online videos, both as a means of entertainment and to sell their products and services. This year podcasts have become increasingly popular.

Many internet marketers have realized the powerful potential of using podcasts as a marketing tool. And, now, many of those same marketers are turning podcasts into a money making the venture. Read about the best podcast microphone here.

Before you learn what steps you must take to start earning money with podcasting, you should have an idea of exactly how you can make money with the podcasts you produce. Among the ways you can make money podcasting, include:

Just like radio has advertisements to help fund a radio station, you too may want to consider offering advertisers airtime to advertise their products and services during your podcasts.

You can sell advertisements on your Web site for those advertisers who prefer print ads over airtime.

Once you have a base of steady podcast listeners, you may want to consider offering a free and a paid version of your podcasts. The paid version could be paid a subscription fee. Your listeners will receive an extended version of the podcast compared to those who simply stick with the free offer.

The opportunities for making money with podcasts really are endless if you’re creative and forward thinking. Once you know which avenues you’re going to pursue to make money with your podcasts, you’re ready to get your podcasting efforts off the ground.

The first thing you must do is decide what content your podcast is going to contain. Obviously you’ll want to produce podcasts that will be helpful and attractive to your target market. Prepare an outline for your podcasts, detailing exactly what you want to cover on each podcast. Check out the best usb microphones.

Once you’ve outlined your podcast, rehearse it until you feel comfortable with the content. Ideally, your podcast will sound as though you’re having a one-way conversation with your listeners. When you’re ready, record the podcast. To record a podcast, all you need are two tools, an MP3 player and a headset that has a microphone.

After you record the podcast, you’ll be ready to introduce it to the world. The key to a successful podcast is to market it, just as you would market any other product or service.

The best way to ensure your listeners always receive your podcast as soon as it’s been released is to offer them the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds. That way, each time you release a new podcast, your listeners will immediately be informed that a new podcast is available for them.

Why Partnering With an Affiliate Marketing Company is a Good Choice


Regardless of what stage you’re at in your affiliate marketing plans or campaigns, you’ve likely considered working with an affiliate marketing company. As businesses continue to invest in affiliate marketing, they need to generate results, and that isn’t always accomplished by in-house marketers. Maybe the marketing team doesn’t have the experience, time or relationships required to run a successful program. That’s where a seasoned affiliate marketing management company can add tremendous value.

An experienced affiliate marketing company can help correctly launch or take an established program to the subsequent level. They know the complexities of the channel and how to properly set up and manage a marketing program. The top affiliate marketing companies will also take the time to understand your goals and objectives and manage towards those. Below are the first affiliate marketing services that are provided. Check out Click Fraud Network for more on hotel affiliate programs.#

Program Strategy

It all starts with the strategy. A reputable affiliate marketing company will ensure that they strategy they develop aligns with your goals and will generate quick and sustainable results. This includes reviewing what Paid networks to launch with, commission structure, program restrictions, and the Paid recruiting strategy. Many affiliate companies will also review your website to ensure that it’s ready to accept and convert affiliate traffic.

Affiliate Recruiting

This is the most important aspect of any paid program. Your program can be structured perfectly, but unless your affiliate marketing company is actively and aggressively seeking out relationships, your program will not perform. It’s important to identify (through new and existing relationships), segment and prioritize the affiliate outreach for the program. If done correctly, your program will generate amazing results. #

Program Maintenance

These are the areas often overlooked by an overburdened internal marketing manager. Attention to these details is critical to the program functioning properly and remaining profitable. Common items that are reviewed during Paid management are application vetting, program policy monitoring, tracking validation, lead quality management, commission validation, etc.


As part of an agency’s affiliate marketing management, they should also be providing reports to your team on a regular basis. Typically weekly updates and monthly summaries.The reports include metrics about the performance of your campaigns, affiliate overview, tasks completed and action items. These reports are critical to ensuring that the data is being reviewed and management items completed.

As you are looking to expand your current affiliate marketing program or launch into the channel, it’s important to make sure your program will be effectively managed.

5 Questions You Need To Ask About Eczema Cream

Are you a person that is constantly looking to enhance your total elegance and also looking for the finest eczema cream? Several individuals look for various lotions as well as items to boost their skin as well as their general elegance all the time. There are lots of various kinds of skin lotions out there, as well as you desire to be certain that you’re picking something that will not hurt you in the lengthy run.

Make certain that you talk to someone that is an expert that has your finest passion at heart as well as could lead you to the ideal eczema cream. A whole lot of the talkshows and also fact reveals out there that assist the advantages of different items do not have your ideal passion at heart. You would certainly be smart to keep in mind that when you’re looking for numerous appeal and also skin care items online.

Are you a person that is constantly looking to enhance your general charm as well as looking for the ideal eczema cream? Lots of individuals look for various lotions as well as items to boost their skin as well as their total charm all the time. That’s White’s constantly a great suggestion to speak to a specialist prior to you in fact attempt any of the eczema cream items that you may discover on TELEVISION or on the Internet. Once again everyone is attempting to make a buck from different lotions for eczema, and also a great deal of these internet sites get compensations if you pick to buy some of the items that they evaluate. Whether you’re looking for an eczema cream to assist brighten your skin, you’re looking for a cream that will certainly conceal different imperfections on your skin you desire to be certain you’re picking items that just consist of great active ingredients.

If you’re looking to enhance the appeal of your skin or your total appearance that could assist you make choices that you should not be making on your very own. You most definitely do not desire to play about with negative eczema cream on your skin.

Whether you’re looking for an eczema cream to assist brighten your skin, you’re looking for a cream that will certainly conceal numerous acnes on your skin you desire to be certain you’re selecting items that just have great components. That’s why you desire to be mindful with any kind of insurance claims that are made by different items or business in the skin care as well as elegance sector.

That’s White’s constantly a great concept to speak to an expert prior to you in fact attempt any of the eczema cream items that you may discover on TELEVISION or on the Internet. There are a whole lot of business out there that deal items which include unsafe chemicals that could adversely affect your skin.

There’s additionally the issue of testimonials that you locate on-line when it comes to lotions for eczema therapy. Once more everyone is attempting to make a buck and some even purport they know how to cure eczema from numerous lotions for eczema, as well as a whole lot of these internet sites get payments if you pick to acquire some of the items that they assess.

As well as remember your attractive simply the method you are, so there’s no have to truly overdo when it involves charm as well as skin care. You could constantly find out more regarding the most effective eczema lotions on the marketplace by looking into online from trusted resources.

Recent Developments in AIDS Research

Developments in AIDS ResearchOver the decades, researchers and experts have been trying very hard to find more about AIDS and the diseases it causes. Companies and governments have spent billions to find out more about AIDS but it still needs more research to help millions who are affected and researchers have been trying very hard to find some solid results. The increasing rate of AIDS is worrying for researchers and they need to find a proper solution to this problem before it gets out of hand.

Recent developments in AIDS research

Unfortunately there is no cure for AIDS yet. HIV could develop in AIDS within few years, however medicines could allow patients to live for a few more years. These medicines could slow the effect of AIDS but they cannot stop or cure it. These medicines interfere with the development of virus and they help in slowing them down, but at the end of the day it can’t be cured.

According to a research by experts at (TSRI) The Scripps Research Institute, The Rockefeller University and International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, shows that the experimental vaccine made by TSRI can enhance the activities of immune system which can help in stopping HIV Infection. These findings could help in providing key information to develop the cure for HIV/AIDS.

According to another research which was published on June 18. 2015 in the Journal Cell and Science, presented an idea to develop a vaccine for HIV which can help in fighting various strains of HIV.

Dennis Burton, the chairman of TSRI Department of Immunology and Microbial Science and director of two centers at TSRI, said that the research leading to cure for HIV/AIDS has been producing spectacular results, and it is just a matter of time when the vaccines for AIDS will be available in the market.

Researchers have been working to develop a vaccine that forces the body to produce antibodies, that are able to bind with the strains of HIV and prevent infection, which in turn prevents AIDS. Vaccines for other diseases use the dead version of the disease to make microbe itself, which triggers anti bodies production. However the vaccine which experts and scientists have been trying to develop for HIV/AIDS triggers the immune system, which helps in stopping the virus from spreading. After spending billions researchers have now realized that a successful vaccine with need a different series of proteins, which will help in producing antibodies to fight the virus.

In the recent studies, the experts were able to test a new series of protein, called eOD-GT8 60mer, a protein which is designed to activate and bind B cells, that are needed to fight HIV. It was developed and produced in Schief lab and tested on mice to produce anti bodies. This research showed that eOD-GT8 60mer is a good candidate to help in developing a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. It could help in stopping the virus from spreading and developing in AIDS. The vaccine appeared to work well on mice and hopefully it would also work on human. We are just awaiting results.

How to Reduce the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Prevent STDThere are a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases that you want to protect yourself against. Even taking contraception or ensuring the girl you are with is on contraception does not reduce the risk of you getting one of the diseases.

The good news is that the majority of STD’s are treatable. There are a few that aren’t, there is no cure, but there is effective treatment to help you manage the symptoms in the long term.

The common sexually transmitted diseases you will want to get to know about include HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B, just to mention a few. Each one has its own signs and symptoms, which is why it’s advisable to have confidential STD testing on a regular or semi-regular basis.

In order to reduce the risk of contracting any one of these diseases, you will want to use a condom. You should use a condom at all times, including if using toys, this can dramatically reduce the risk of contracting these diseases as they are spread through bodily fluids, which also includes blood.

Preventing STDsLimit the number of partners you have. While you may find it fun to wake up in a different bed on a regular basis, you are not doing yourself any favors, by limiting your partners you can dramatically reduce the risk of getting any one of these diseases. Those in long term relationships with only one partner have the lowest risk of contracting these diseases unless one of you has another partner or has a drug habit.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk is to limit your alcohol and drug use. Spending a night out on the town and drinking in excess can leave you without any inhibitions, making it difficult to ensure that you don’t make the mistake and go home with someone, something you wouldn’t ordinarily do if you weren’t drinking. Rather be safe than sorry and limit yourself when drinking or ensure you are in the right frame of mind to make the best health decisions and reduce the risk of regret later on.

Now whether you find yourself in a situation with a new partner or you feel you have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease in some way, the only way to be sure is to have a confidential STD test. The good news is that you can book your test online and there are literally thousands of laboratories that carry out this form of testing using numbers rather than names, so your name is kept private at all times.

You may have taken precautions, such as using a condom or ensuring that you didn’t drink too much, only to find out later that you have a partner that has been sharing needles, this is an example only. This has instantly put you at risk.

Do some online research into finding the best companies that can provide you with confidential STD testing. The thing to look for is a company that takes your privacy very seriously. They shouldn’t only offer a testing process, they should also offer advice and recommendations, along with counselling if needed and medical professionals who are able to give you a prescription if you need one.

If you have been diagnosed with a disease through confidential STD testing, it is imperative that you refrain from having sex for as long as the medical professional recommends while you take your medication. This reduces the risk of you passing on the disease to the next person.


What Are The Symptoms of AIDS?

Symptoms of AIDS

image courtesy:

As much as the topic of AIDS has been sensationalized, it is amazing how many people still live with the virus even without their knowledge. It could be an act of sheer ignorance to seek medical test or an act of denial that the syndrome is real, or it could be for the very fact that it may take years, possibly decades, for the first manifestation of the virus to be noticed.

In the normal course, however, AIDS manifests itself in a series of symptoms that occur at different times upon infection, till such a time when the disease will have fully eroded the immune system and developed into a full-blown crisis. This is often the time when most people realize they are actually infected. Since no one wants to go that far, or even contract the virus in the first place, it therefore behooves everyone to start easy by asking the question, ‘what are the symptoms of aids’.

The first range of symptoms is characterized by fever. The fever is often mild, of up to about 102 degrees F. However, this fever is not common in many cases but whenever it occurs, it is normally accompanied by other mild symptoms such as swollen lymph glands, fatigue and a sore throat. The fever is normally occasioned by the movement of the virus into the blood stream and its consequent replication, which often results into an inflammatory reaction to the immune system.

The fever is normally followed by fatigue. The feeling of tiredness and lethargy is often a direct consequence of the inflammatory response generated by the besieged immune system. Fatigue can both characterize early stages of the virus development as well as the later stages of its invasion of the immune system. It is notable by frequent shortness of breath, especially when doing energy-intensive work or physical exercise.

Another range of symptoms that follow fatigue is achy muscles, joint pains and swollen lymph nodes. The lymph nodes, most of them located in the armpits, groin and neck will basically swell because they are part of the body’s immune system and therefore respond to every infection by getting inflamed. It should be noted that most of the symptoms in this stage have often been associated with other viral infections like flu, and may therefore be easily linked to them.

Sore throat and headache come almost immediately after the achy muscles and swollen lymph nodes. The headache could range from a mild form to a severe migraine depending on how the immune system responds.

Skin rashes are perhaps the symptoms that begin to concern many people. These rashes can appear as boils of pink itchy marks all over the body.
The other array of symptoms includes diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. These are often life-threatening symptoms and they immediately lead to weight loss.

As one loses their weight, dry cough checks in. Dry cough is another life-threatening symptom for it leads to further weight loss. It is often accompanied by opportunistic infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, the latter of which is characterized by night sweats.

Nail changes is yet another signs of the late stages of AIDS, and it normally involves the clubbing [thickening and curving], splitting and discoloration of the nails.

The final symptom is often yeast infection. If the patient is not attended to with the urgency it deserves, this symptom is known to be the last symptom that spells a point of no return for people infected with the AIDS virus.

In conclusion, AIDS is manageable. The mere fact that it manifests itself in a wide spectrum of symptoms could be helpful, not only in facilitating diagnosis but in helping cope with the virus as well.